Visits For Seniors

We make regular monthly visits to promote communication, caring and connection to the community.

Meeting your needs

We provide small gifts of toiletries – socks, tissues, toothpaste and the like for every senior in the home. Many seniors do not have families to supply these items. We provide entertainment. Local singers and musicians come to perform and bring some happiness and excitement to the seniors. We make our visits special.

Providing Comfort

We supply projects and musical performances to bring seniors together and provide a joyous occasion and an opportunity to visit and share.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide Communication, Comfort and Connection to the Community for seniors in nursing homes, veteran’s homes and in ARC facilities for the disabled

Quality Visits

arranged with the nursing home staff. If you have a loved one you want us to visit please make sure you give us the information we need when you make a donation. We schedule the visits to accommodate the nursing home schedule, the musical performers and the volunteers available throughout the month.

Visits For Seniors Florida

Our Passion And Our Job

Since Covid we have not been able to make any visits. We hope to get back to work in July/August. All of us have heard the news and horror stories about the plight of Seniors in nursing homes. Before Covid we were concerned with the lack of technology (very few smart phones, ipads and computers). We were concerned with the lack of library services (no audible books, no magazines, no choices). We were concerned that many seniors needed simple items like tissues and socks. Nursing homes are opening and with your help we will improve the quality of life for these seniors.

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