About Us

Our Mission is to provide Communication, Comfort and Connection to the Community for seniors in nursing homes, veteran’s homes and in ARC facilities for the disabled.

Visits for Seniors

Visits for Seniors 501(c)(3)

Visits for Seniors is a non profit. We are committed to improving the lives of our seniors by visiting nursing homes, ARC facilities for the disabled and Veteran’s homes every month. We bring small gifts of toiletries, seasonal cards and projects. Our visits provide musical entertainment. We want to connect with our clients and uplift their spirits. This is what we do for every nursing home senior. Veteran and ARC client and our service is free.

Our Partners

Charlie Ford Visits for Seniors Florida

Charlie Ford

Born in Canada and living in Atlantic Beach with her husband Robert, a former hotel executive, Charlie is a worldwide traveler living and working with people with diverse cultures and customs. She is an actor and athlete competing and winning competitions as a golfer and a competitive swimmer.

She has given a lifetime of service and was 2018 Volunteer of the Year for Jacksonville RSVP, one of the largest national service organizations for seniors.

She still performs for the students at Neptune Beach Elementary School as a Reader for the Literacy Program.

Charlie makes everyone who meets her feel special.

Pat Maury Visits fro Seniors Florida

Pat Maury

A native of Connecticut and an experienced manager and educator working in both public and private schools as a speech therapist, teacher, principal and special education administrator, Pat is the co-founder of Norwalk Communities in Schools and Firefly Educational Consortium, a non-profit 501c(3) established in 2011 “Lighting the way for people to receive a quality education”. She is the author of “The Play’s the Thing” and this year was presented with the Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who’s Who.

Now living in Ponte Vedra with her engineer husband, John, she manages her not for profit ventures. She has had experience in nursing home and assisted living facilities in Ct. and is accustomed to working with people and providing them with joyous experiences.

Pat will manage any situation lovingly and ethically.

Our Testimonials

“We visited Trish. She has been bedridden for more than 8 months. Her family is in Connecticut and New York. We haven’t seen her since the Covid lock down and could not communicate because she only had a pay as you go phone to talk to her family. She is bright and beautiful and wanted a ipad. “

“Joe is here in Florida but his family is in Texas. He told us he used to love to read but his job kept him to busy. Now he cannot see well enough. We told him we could put an app on his phone but he only has a flip phone. There are audible books and services for the visually impaired but he cannot access them with a family in Texas and no library services in place.”

“When we visit the Veteran’s Home we bring a talented singer. After a performance of patriotic songs and favorites the Veteran’s get up (if they are able to) and give her a standing ovation. During our visits we listen to how many Veteran’s sang in choirs and other groups all of their lives”