Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born. –Albert Einstein

I think of life as a mystery. We cannot predict the future. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. We are all hoping for an end to living with Covid. Maybe a cure is around the corner, or a new friend, or a beautiful day. So if you’re not enjoying the present, wonder what awaits you and think positively. Let’s try to accept the aches and pains, the slowing down, the different body we have and do something each day to celebrate that we are alive and participating in a glorious mystery.

My partners and I are grateful for all of the people who helped us through life. We are curious as to where they are and what they are doing. Many of these people are now in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, assisted living, hospitals or hospice. That is why we started Visits for Seniors. If you have a loved one in one of these facilities please reach out. If you have a loved one in the St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra or Jacksonville Beaches areas get in touch with us to help. When you can’t be there we will.


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