“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


“Communication, socialization and connecting to the community” — this is our mission. We have started to look for grants because even though our budget is very small each month we need to find funds for our supplies. When we go to the ARC or the Nursing homes we do it in the memory of loved ones. We make Visits for Seniors Special Occasions. When we passed out socks last month many people asked “How much do I owe?” One man had bare feet even

though it was one of our cold Florida days. His sister was with him and he put them on immediately. What we do is needed and necessary. We need help to spread the word and get our community involved. Any suggestions we welcome them.

Wish list: (we welcome any amount) Donations can be made on our website sos4jax.com or if you can sponsor us please get in touch sos4jax@gmail.com.

Suggest a sponsor to provide activities for the disabled, music for the State VA Home and other nursing homes and technology for bedridden, challenged seniors

Donate a visit in the memory of a loved one sos4jax.com

Donate a musical performance ($100) for the VA and other nursing homes

Donate an ipad for a bedridden patient who worked in Jacksonville in the Northside coal factory and the shipyards for over 40 years.

Please go to amazon.smile.com and sign up to have them donate to Visits for Seniors, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. We have signed up with the Amazon “smile” program to help with our expenses. Amazon will donate to us if you choose “Visits for Seniors” as you charity of choice. This is money Amazon gives us (not your money)! Go to amazon.smile.com instead of straight to Amazon and you have the option to designate the charity you wish Amazon to donate to. Whenever you order from Amazon a small portion of Amazon’s profit comes to Visits for Seniors. We just signed on and hope this will provide us with the most needed funds

Sending our love for a Happy Valentine’s Day – Charlie and Pat


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