Communication is the key to both the happiness of the senior and the happiness of the caregiver. Make sure to be clear in articulating what the senior wants and what the caregiver wants to avoid misunderstandings,

Where do you want to live?

What problems are there with this solutions?

Is what you wish for realistic? Why or why not?

What are the options?

What is the best option? Why or why not?

If a senior wants to live in his/her own home but there is a safety issue discuss frankly the situation and make the hard decision openly and honestly. If you are a senior and you are not in your own home be patient with yourself and your caregivers. Celebrate the security of trained professionals on call 24/7 and an environment that is designed to avoid slips and falls. Celebrate the release from needing to buy essentials. Be open to all that you can find that is good. Give new experiences a chance.

Seniors and caregivers learn to accept help and be available to give help to others. Special Occasion Services was started to help relieve stress from caregivers who were out of town or had commitments that interfered with spending more time with loved ones. When you can’t be there we will!


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