“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust

“Communication, socialization and connecting to the community”—this is our mission. As we grow as an organization—make more visits, get to know people better we are learning a great deal. One thought is the positive impact that technology could have on Seniors in a nursing home. This observation cannot be ignored. We have met people who wish to be able to access audible books, magazines, the news, games and puzzles. They don’t even realize that this could be accomplished with a smart phone or a tablet. As educators and parents we realized how important access to technology was to a child, not putting phones and ipads in the hands of youngsters to keep them amused, rather giving them the tools they needed to learn and grow. Similar equipment could greatly enhance the lives and the perspectives of those confined to nursing homes. During this election time with all the billions of dollars being spent it would be my wish for someone to sponsor a “lab” of 10 or so heavy duty tablets that our seniors could use. I needed a phone upgrade and will give my “old” smart phone to one of our seniors who has been confined to her bed for the past two years. She is a bright beautiful woman with no family in the area. Please help to spread the word and get our community involved. Any suggestions would be appreciated,

Wish list: (we welcome any amount) Donations can be made on our website sos4jax.com or if you can sponsor us please get in touch sos4jax@gmail.com.

Suggest a sponsor to provide activities for the disabled, music for the State VA Home and other nursing homes and technology for bedridden, challenged seniors

Donate a visit in the memory of a loved one sos4jax.com

Donate a musical performance ($100) for the VA and other nursing homes

Donate an ipad for a bedridden patient who worked in Jacksonville in the North side coal factory and the shipyards for over 40 years.

Please go to amazon.smile.com and sign up to have them donate to Visits for Seniors, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. We have signed up with the Amazon “smile” program to help with our expenses. Amazon will donate to us if you choose “Visits for Seniors” as you charity of choice. This is money Amazon gives us (not your money)! Go to amazon.smile.com instead of straight to Amazon and you have the option to designate the charity you wish Amazon to donate to. Whenever you order from Amazon a small portion of Amazon’s profit comes to Visits for Seniors. We just signed on and hope this will provide us with the most needed funds


May your troubles be less and you blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door. – Pat and Charlie



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