Please Donate A Visit To A Lonely Senior

We visit places for seniors all the time and we are troubled by the loneliness. These people who were an active contributing part of our community now sit or lie in bed waiting. The days are long and tedious. You can help to remedy this situation by donating a visit and bringing some joy back to their lives.

Think about your grandparents and your parents who were once busy and had work and took care of you. They were able but now in an older body they are not going as fast and life has changed but not for the better. They deserve our utmost respect and consideration. One day it will be us.

Amazon Smile is another option for providing support

Please go to and sign up to have them donate to Visits for Seniors, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. We have signed up with the Amazon “smile” program to help with our expenses. Amazon will donate to us if you choose “Visits for Seniors” as you charity of choice. This is money Amazon gives us (not your money)! Go to instead of straight to Amazon and you have the option to designate the charity you wish Amazon to donate to. Whenever you order from Amazon a small portion of Amazon’s profit comes to Visits for Seniors. We just signed on and hope this will provide us with most needed funds

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